Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kathie's Retirement!

Friday, September 19, 2008 marks Kathie's last day at SDDPC. Kathie is touched by a genuine sense of appreciation towards the friendships with the many people she's had the privilege of working with over the years. Simultaneously, she's saddened at leaving but excited at the prospective adventures that lie ahead.

During the week that follows, Kathie has the women she works with in the Human Resources Department for lunch on the boat. Mary, Coyla and Nancy join us on a pleasant, sunny Thursday afternoon for a relaxed luncheon in the cockpit. The next evening, Mary and her husband Don join us on the boat to listen to a concert by Seal, given at the outdoor venue at Humphrey's, the hotel adjoining the marina. Sunday evening Coyla joins us on the boat for a concert given by Etta James. These are respites for us, from days filled with packing up the house and updating our enormous 'to-do' lists.

Kathie working until mid-September allowed for a financial cushion, in view of the growing expense of outfitting the boat for the trip. It also provided a measure of financial security, given the uncertain state of the economy. Aware of the decline in the housing market accompanied by the volatility in the stock market, we are sensitive to the fact that these are not the best of times to begin retirement. That sense of uneasiness begins to border on panic as the historic banking collapse and federal bail-out fills the news.

Despite our concern, we decide that this is but one of the many tests of our resolve that we will encounter during our year long cruise. There are boxes to pack, walls to paint and projects to be completed before we can depart, so we continue.

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