Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bon Voyage Party

Any excuse to get together with friends, family, Baja-philes and sailors is a good time for a party. Our leaving in a week on our sailing adventure provided such an excuse!

Thanks to a hot tip from Nancy Noriega, Gonzales Northgate Market (43rd Street off the 805 in National City) provided the main fair of pollo asado, carnitas, salsas, tortillas, frijoles, arroz, fruitas, and pan dulces of several delicious varieties. Kevin Young added to the ecletic fare by providing Chinese appetizers. A variety of beers, microbrews and wines were provided by guests to be enjoyed by all. Chocolate covered almonds, compliments of Verena Seisun, provided a delicious end to the deserts.

Guests included neighbors, family (Hans, Andrew, Nicole and Danica; Chantal couldn't make it because she was sick), former colleagues from the old kelp factory, several Baja-philes, and old sailing friends. Unfortunately, the camera's didn't make an appearance until towards the end of the evening when the fiesta was winding down and many people had already taken their leave.

Friends are what make life special and interesting. We feel very fortunate to have a such a warm and fun loving group of people we can count as our friends. Each one of them has enriched our lives in ways large and small. Thanks to you all for your warmth, humor and generosity! You'll be with us in all our adventures.

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