Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Joy$ of Boat Ownership

We've returned from our road trip visiting our son in San Jose, our daughter in San Francisco and my wife's father in Santa Rosa. It was a short trip, but it was great to get up to the Bay Area and visit with everyone. We had an early Christmas with each of the kids and exchanged gifts. The biggest gift was being able to see each of them and spend some time with them.

Andrew is doing well, as are Chantal and Sean, who have settled into their cozy, new apartment near Golden Gate Park. Kathie's dad seems to be doing about the same; he looks good and is strong and healthy, but has lost most of his speech capabilities. He is able to read familiar words (no surprise that he has no trouble reading and saying 'ice cream', one of his favorites), but is unable to put complete sentences together. In spite of it all, he continues to be gracious and engaging with an easy smile, especially for the ladies!

Upon our return to San Diego, time was running short to finish our Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays. We'll be having a rather quiet Christmas at home, having Nicole and Danica over, along with Nicole's beau, Mike. We'll have the kids over for an early Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Due to work schedules, neither Chantal nor Andrew will be able to make it down to San Diego. If Hans recovers from being sick, he plans to go up to the bay area to spend Christmas with Andrew. Chantal and Sean will be going to Sean's parents for the Christmas weekend.

The mechanical work was completed on the boat during our absence. The transmission was repaired, the heat exchanger was boiled out and the mixing elbow for the exhaust system was replaced. The bad news was that it was noted that the propeller shaft is not in full alignment with the engine. Unfortunately, the motor mounts are at their full adjustment. It will be necessary to haul the boat in order to pull the shaft, check to see if it is straight; shim the front engine mounts; fabricate and replace the rear mounts. It looks as if, in addition to the transmission work, we're looking at another hefty charge for these repairs. With Christmas upon us, we'll likely schedule these repairs after the first of the year. We'll also take that opportunity to check the condition of the bottom paint and check out the play in the rudder. The good news is after these items are completed, the boat will be ready for another cruise.

The other news to report, is besides our good friends and Baja aficionados Dennis and Verna, we were visited by Betty and Jim of the sailing vessel Flibertigibbet. We're also expecting a visit from the crew of our sistership, Tumbleweed (another '82 Cal 39 Mrk III), Ted and Alicia, after the first of the year. They'll be heading back down to La Paz, where Tumbleweed has been kept on the hard over the summer at the Singular yard, near Fidepaz.

Here's wishing all of our friends and family a Merry Christmas and happy and healthy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all and making new cruising friends in the years to come.

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Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Merry Christmas Bro!

It was great talking to you & Kathie. Hope your celebration was memorable.

All the best in 2010. ttys.

xo ~m