Friday, January 21, 2011

Return to La Paz

It's good to be back in La Paz and in the boat. After being in the slip since early November, the decks have accumulated some dust and the stainless some rust spots. Inside the cabin, we didn't perform an adequate interior cleaning when we left for San Diego, so Kathie spent time sweeping and vacuuming the cabin, as well as deep cleaning the head. I managed to do a preliminary hose down of the deck, but with the sun and warm weather I found it too warm (read: 'too nice') to spend much time cleaning the outside.

We met our neighbors in the Catalina 30.9, JUCE, Judy and Bruce. It turns out the following day was Bruce's 65th birthday and we were invited to join them for dinner followed by birthday cake.
The celebration began with cocktails at the Dock Cafe followed by dinner at La Fonda on Nicolas Bravo. We were joined by Ricky off of HOTEL CALIFORNIA and John of CORAL ROSE. After a few more cocktails with dinner, Kathie and Judy had a challenging walk back to the marina for home made chocolate cake and ice cream! Both Kathie and Judy survived their ordeal, but Bruce awoke the following morning with his back wrenched.

Kath and I checked out the new CCC on Abosolo. CCC was purchased by a new owner and has been refurbished. The layout is more open with a large selection of food, produce, clothing, sundries and housewares. We also checked out the Weaver's on the Abasolo. The inventory was much less than what it's been in years past. Tourist downturn and the poor economy were given as the reasons for the lack of inventory.

As soon as we manage to find a secure permanent parking space for our truck, we would like to get out to the islands for some anchor time. We've spoken to Neil Shroyer about finding a space at the marina, but so far parking has been impacted. The next try will be to see if Tomas and Anna have space for parking. In the meantime, clean-up of the boat continues.

As luck would have it, in a town of about 300,000 people, we ran into Tomas and Anna at the marine store located in front of Marina de La Paz. We caught up over the next 30 minutes and made tentative arrangements to use their compound to park the truck if nothing materialized at the marina. It was good seeing Tomas. Neither he nor Anna seem to change over the years.

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Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

So happy to hear from you! It sounds like you have been having a great time (warm weather...and all!)
Grrr... 34*F overnight here(and that is warmer than it has been lately.)

Hope you can find secure parking for your truck so you can be off sailing and enjoying yourselves.

It's great to hear that you have made connections again with your friends Anna and Tomas.

Love you, 'bro and sweet Kath!! xoxo More soon.
P.S. Pls send some warm weather up to us! :D