Thursday, May 2, 2013

Short Post - Anchorage Video

This will necessarily be a short post. Our digital camera has decided to finally give into age and abuse and stop working. We were able to spend time out at Isla Espiritu Santo and take a couple of low resolution videos. We did enjoy wonderful weather, clear water and isolated anchorages. While we managed to run out of propane (my oversight) and have problems with our outboard motor, we did see more sea turtles in one of the anchorages (Ensenada la Gallina) than we had ever seen before. It was difficult to determine the total number of individuals, as they would break the surface for only a few seconds to gulp a breath before diving, but at one point we saw five heads simultaneously above the surface.

These are poor quality videos, but do give an indication of generally what to expect at some of the anchorages in the Sea of Cortez. The first part of the video shows the open roadstead at Playa Bonanza, on the south east side of the island. It has a beach over a mile long, bounded by two rocky reefs at either end. The second video was taken around sunset on the western side of the island from the middle cove of a three fingered anchorage. We were anchored in 16 feet of water in Ensenada el Gallo (Rooster Cove). To the north there is Ensenada de la Raza (Race or Humankind Cove) and the turtle filled cove to the south, Ensenada de la Gallina (Hen Cove).

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